10 Amazing Health Benefits of Reiki

It is not often you find an alternative therapy that works so well on both an emotional and a physical level. But Reiki is one of these treatments. Reiki is a healing treatment and this healing acts on many levels – some of the health benefits of Reiki are truly amazing.

Rei means higher power in Japanese, and ki means life force energy. Reiki, in short, is a way of guiding the life force in the body to improve the body and the mind. But what exactly is the life force? And how does Reiki work with this life force to provide health benefits?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a complementary therapy that works with the life force or energy that flows through the human body. Life force is an unseen energy that supports living beings. When your life force is strong you are likely to feel better. You feel weaker and are more susceptible to illness when your life force is weak. Reiki aims to increase the life force energy flowing through the body, and improve its flow. The practice helps you feel less stressed and more relaxed, and it can bring physical benefits.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Reiki

A Reiki practitioner holds their hands near to the body of the person being treated. This results in healing energy flowing from the practitioner into the patient. The energy flow brings physical and mental relief.

What are the Health Benefits of Reiki?

1) Reiki Helps Reduce Stress and Promotes Relaxation

Reducing stress is a big concern in our society. It is important to live a life free from the debilitating effects of stress, although it is not possible to live without stress. Reiki helps to trigger the relaxation response and thereby reduce stress. You feel more relaxed, regardless of what is going on in your life or with your health. Cutting excess stress from your life is very beneficial for a number of reasons, including to help prevent heart problems, prevent stomach problems, and deal with mood disorders. Reiki is a recognized way to treat stress and its associated problems.

2) Reiki Helps Improve Clarity of Thinking and Clarity of Emotions

Reiki is a great emotional cleanser. It helps enhance the clarity of your emotions so you can feel things more deeply. Reiki can help to bring about change in your personal relationships and the relationship you have with yourself. In turn this clarifies your thinking and allows you to process your emotions more effectively.

3) Reiki Helps Treat Depression and Anxiety

The Reiki treatment improves your mood, which improves symptoms of anxiety and depression. The anxiety and depression lessen as the mood improves. And your energy and spirit increases as the positive energy begins to flow. Many people use Reiki as a treatment for depression and anxiety, either alone or alongside conventional drug treatments.

4) Reiki Improves Focus and Control

Reiki benefits the mind and the entire life by providing a sense of control and groundedness that connects you to the present moment. As you focus on the present moment you learn to accept events as they happen and work with the situation to improve on it, rather than acting out of habit.

5) Reiki Improves Joint Mobility

Experts are not really sure how Reiki works to improve the range of motion in a joint. But it seems that Reiki is just as effective as physical therapy in improving this outcome. Many people believe that Reiki works by altering the muscle structure of the joint which improves pain levels and movement.

6) Reiki Helps You Sleep Better

Reiki also helps you sleep better, since it improves feelings of relaxation and lessens stress. And better sleep means a much healthier life. Sleep promotes healing and good sleep is linked with cutting the risk of a variety of different diseases.

7) Reiki Helps Heal Inflammation and Infection

Studies show that Reiki can actually help to improve infection in the body and reduce levels of inflammation. This benefits many people, particularly those that have been undergoing surgery and are at particular risk of infection.

8) Reiki Treats the Side Effects of Cancer

Cancer comes with many associated symptoms like pain, depression, and fatigue. Reiki is beneficial at treating these conditions and can help a patient manage their symptoms and live a healthier life. In addition, Reiki can treat the pain that comes through arthritis and migraine.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Reiki

9) Reiki Reduces Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of diseases that are linked to the development of heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. Reiki can help those individuals at greatest risk of metabolic syndrome reduce their risk, and it helps to produce a positive flow of energy around the body and provides a sound mind-body care.

10) Reiki Helps Get Rid of Energy Blocks

Dissolving energy blocks in the body is one of the main health benefits of Reiki. Reiki helps to promote the natural balance of body and mind and it removes barriers to wellbeing that manifest themselves as blocks in the body.

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