11 Compelling Reasons to Eat More Nuts

Did you know that nuts are overlooked as one of the healthiest snack foods you can eat? There are so many health reasons to eat more nuts; you would be crazy not to add these superfoods to your diet (unless you are allergic, of course.)

11 Compelling Reasons to Eat More Nuts

Healthy nuts can protect your heart, boost your brain power, and help your body fight cancer. Nuts can even help with weight control. You don’t have to eat many nuts each day to reap the benefits. In fact, just a handful is a good amount since nuts do contain fat (even though it is the healthy kind). So what are you waiting for? Start stocking up on nuts today! These are some of the important reasons why eating nuts is good for your health.

Why You Should Eat More Nuts and Seeds

1) Nuts Help You Live Longer

You are actually less likely to die prematurely when you eat a handful of nuts each day, according to scientific studies. The studies show that people who eat nuts have a lower risk of dying than those who do not eat nuts at all. It’s simple – and it could save your life!

2) Nuts Help You Control Your Weight

Studies also show that there is a link between obesity and nut eating. If you eat nuts you are less likely to be obese and less likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome. While nuts do contain fat they also contain high levels of fiber and protein, which helps you feel full and offsets the calories you consume.

3) Nuts Help Your Heart

A recent study shows that eating a daily portion of nuts can actually cut your heart disease risk by one third. This data is taken from 18 studies and it shows that nuts are essential for a heart-healthy diet. They contain fatty acids as well as minerals and vitamins that help your heart. And if you eat nuts you are less likely to overeat by consuming unhealthy choices.

4) Nuts Help Lower Cholesterol

With more good news for your heart, nuts can actually help to lower bad cholesterol in the body. Studies show that walnuts, specifically, help lower cholesterol which helps to protect your heart in both the long and the short term.

11 Compelling Reasons to Eat More Nuts

5) Eating Nuts Could Help Fight Cancer

It is clear that nuts have some dramatic cancer-fighting abilities. Walnuts are particularly good for this purpose. A study shows that walnuts and walnut oil help to slow down the proliferation of prostate cancer. Another study shows that they can help to slow the spread of colon cancer, and another that they cause breast cancer risk to drop. These studies demonstrate the excellent benefits of eating more nuts in your diet.

6) Nuts Boost Your Brain Power?

Want to think more clearly, concentrate more, and be able to use your brain to its fullest capacity? Get more nuts in your diet! Walnuts, again, help to improve concentration and memory as well as information-processing capabilities. This is because walnuts are the only nuts to contain omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linoleic acid, which helps promote the health of your heart and your brain.

7) Nuts Can Help You Sleep Better?

Is it true that nuts can actually give you a better night’s sleep? Experts say that Brazil nuts are excellent for a good night’s sleep. They contain potassium and selenium. Both of these minerals are excellent for relaxation and promoting sleep. In fact, when you double your selenium intake you improve your sleep by around 20 percent.

8) Nuts May Even Help Prevent Food Poisoning

Improving your gut health is another novel use for nuts. Peanuts help to improve the digestive system as well as help your body protect you against the bugs that cause food poisoning. There is something in peanuts, and peanut flour, that actually helps your stomach produce more friendly bacteria. But be careful and opt only for unsalted peanuts unless you want to cause harm to your heart and your blood pressure.

9) Eating Nuts Protects Against Diabetes

Make nuts your snack and lower your diabetes risk. Eating nuts helps you keep to a healthy weight, which lowers your risk. And nuts also contain healthy fats and nutrients that assist in warding off the diabetes risk. Try walnuts – these nuts are great for improving your heart health and lowering diabetes risk.

10) Eat More Nuts to Prevent Gallstones

And what’s more, nuts can also help to lower your gallstones risk. This is because high cholesterol contributes to gallstone formation, and nuts lower cholesterol.

11) Nuts Increase Your Libido!

And one more compelling reason to eat more nuts. They boost your libido! When you are healthy and active you are more likely to feel sexy. And nuts like almonds are said to act like aphrodisiacs because of their high essential fatty acid content.

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