11 Natural Anxiety Supplements That Really Work

Anxiety is a common problem of our age. Stress manifests in all areas of our life, from work to relationships, money to health, and it can result in uncomfortable levels of anxiety. While it is normal to sometimes feel anxious and worried, it is not normal and healthy to suffer from near-constant anxiety. It is important to seek expert medical help if you suffer from anxiety, and there are also some excellent natural anxiety supplements and remedies that can help you feel calmer and more in control.

Natural anxiety remedies include herbs, vitamins, and natural supplements and the great news is that these supplements do not cause side effects, which are often a problem with prescription medication. Healthy sleep supplements may also help since insomnia and other sleep problems often go hand in hand with anxiety and other mental health problems.

Natural Anxiety Supplements and Remedies

1) Chamomile

11 Natural Anxiety Supplements That Really WorkA calming cup of chamomile tea helps to produce a feeling of calm as well as ease levels of anxiety. Chamomile is a traditionally calming drink and used before bed although its powers as a specifically anti-anxiety supplement are still not completely known for sure. That said, it has no known side effects and chamomile tea is a good remedy to take before sleep.


2) Kava Root

The supplement kava root, also known as kava kava, is a popular remedy for anxiety as it helps to promote calm and a feeling of relaxation. It helps to relax your muscles, improve your thinking abilities, and offers a mild sedative effect. Past studies showed that kava may cause liver damage, but this research has been largely discredited since. But experts do suggest that you steer clear of alcohol if you are taking kava root since kava reacts badly with alcohol. While kava is traditionally consumed as a tea, if you are outside of the Pacific Islands it is now more common to take it in pill form.

3) Valerian Root

The root of the valerian plant has been used for centuries as a cure for anxiety and as a sedative. Valerian is also said to help ease insomnia. As with kava root, do not take alcohol with valerian as this can cause a negative interaction. Valerian root is most commonly found in a pill and people often take it before sleep in order to aid relaxation, or during the day to help lower anxiety levels.

4) Magnesium

A magnesium supplement may help your body better manage the stress hormones that can cause anxiety and depression. When you have too little magnesium you probably have higher levels of cortisol. The hormone cortisol is the stress hormone and you need a balanced amount of it to feel calm. Try magnesium supplements and see if they make a difference in your levels of anxiety.

5) Passionflower

Experts say that passionflower can help to reduce anxiety and it may even be as effective as some anti-anxiety prescription medications. Passionflower is calming and can induce sleepiness, making it a good remedy for bedtime.

6) Green Tea

It is true to say that green tea is a much-hyped superfood. It has antioxidant effects as well as helps burn fat, and it could even prevent cancer. Green tea also contains an amino acid that works to steady your heart rate and regulate your blood pressure. The benefits of green tea, therefore, include anti-anxiety effects, although you may have to drink a lot of green tea to feel the effects. You can also take the active ingredients in tablet form.

7) Lavender

The natural herb lavender is an extremely effective anti-anxiety herb. It smells lovely and it also helps you to feel less anxious. Many people use lavender oil before bedtime to help sleep, although you can also get lavender in supplement form which is non-drowsy.

8) Ashwagandha

The herb Ashwagandha is often used for stress and anxiety. It also helps to improve sleep and it can promote a lift in mood.

9) B Vitamins

A good quality B vitamin complex helps to regulate energy and stress levels, and therefore B vitamins are a convenient way to help ease anxiety symptoms. A good supplement will have all eight types of B vitamins, from B1 to B12.

10) St John’s Wort

Natural Anxiety Supplements

This remedy has become popular for relieving the symptoms of depression and it also helps to treat anxiety, too. The herb is just as effective, or more effective, than antidepressants in various studies. Be careful with St John’s Wort as it can react badly with some other medications.


11) Lemon Balm

The herb lemon balm is a beneficial remedy and one of the best natural anxiety supplements for anxiety, stress, and insomnia. You can take it alongside valerian or chamomile, in pill or tea form. Experts also say lemon balm is good for digestive issues as well as anxiety. You can also make lemon balm into a tea.

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