12 Essential Oils And Their Health Benefits

Essential oils are incredibly useful as a natural therapy, as we have been learning about in past posts. Every essential oil comes with its own set of unique wellbeing benefits. Use essential oils for all kinds of purposes, from treating stress to relieving muscle aches. In fact, essential oils in aromatherapy are extremely versatile – you just need to know how to use them.

It can be difficult at first to know which essential oil should be used for which purpose. It is a great idea to learn some of the main uses of essential oils and then you can experiment with different oils for different health conditions. Here are some common essential oils and how to use them for better health.

12 Essential Oils And Their Health Benefits

1) Bergamot

The citrusy bergamot essential oil is great for many different aromatherapy combinations. Find this oil from the fruit of the Citrus Beragamia tree and use it diluted as an inhalation or in a massage oil. Use bergamot to help treat depression and anxiety and for treating stress. Bergamot is also good for helping treat skin infections such as eczema and psoriasis although you need to know that this oil should not be used neat on the skin. Use the essential oil bergamot to relieve digestive problems and to stimulate the liver.

2) Cedarwood

Use the essential oil cedarwood to help relieve stress. It is a soothing oil and you can also use it against anxiety. Cedarwood is an ancient essential oil. It provides a general lift to the spirits. Also, cedarwood is great for alleviating skin problems and helping treat respiratory complaints. You can also use cedarwood oil to help treat urinary tract infections.

3) Lemon

Lemon is a versatile essential oil. It is well-balanced with a great scent, and it is ideal for treating conditions like acne. This essential oil is used to treat circulation problems, it helps to boost mood, it helps to boost immunity, and it also treats headaches, migraines, and fever. Lemon oil is perfect as a general essential oil to help with all kinds of everyday conditions.

4) Rose

Oil from the rose flower is prized for its calming properties and it helps to treat depression and anxiety. Rose also helps to treat respiratory conditions and it is a good oil for the skin.

5) Chamomile

You probably know all about chamomile for its soothing properties and its use in tea as a calming agent. Plus, Chamomile in aromatherapy is ideal for use as an antidepressant as well as being perfect for lifting the mood. It is a great essential oil for its antiseptic properties as well as its antimicrobial effects.

6) Jasmine

This beautifully-smelling essential oil helps to heal the body. Jasmine is a rare oil and highly prized for its traditional properties. Jasmine is calming and relaxing. Use jasmine for a wide variety of conditions including helping ease the pain of childbirth, helping treat depression, and enhancing libido.

7) Lavender12 Essential Oils And Their Health Benefits

Everyone knows about lavender – it is one of the most common and popular essential oils you can use. Lavender is sweet-smelling and very distinctive. It can help to relieve stress. It is also ideal as an antidepressant, an anti-inflammatory, an antiseptic, and as a deodorant. What’s more, lavender has numerous uses and it is one of the gentlest essential oils you can use for health purposes.


8) Eucalyptus

This versatile essential oil is the ideal accompaniment for treating respiratory conditions. You will easily be able to recognize the scent of eucalyptus and may have used it before in a steam inhalation for colds and flu. In addition, eucalyptus is great as an antiseptic, for treating migraines, and for easing the effects of fevers.

9) Marjoram

The essential oil marjoram is the ideal sedative and calming agent. It also helps to relieve the pain of digestive problems, cramps, and constipation. Marjoram is perfect for fighting stress and it is also a good essential oil for dealing with depression. It also helps to alleviate issues with the circulation and with respiration.

10) Peppermint

This essential oil is another nice-smelling and very popular oil. Peppermint is perfect for its cooling properties and its refreshing elements. It can help to improve the mood, clears the head, helps deal with respiratory problems, calms the mind, and helps relieve congestion.

11) Lemon

Lemon is a versatile essential oil. It is well-balanced and it has a great scent. Use it for treating conditions like acne. This essential oil helps to boost mood, it helps to boost immunity, and it also treats headaches, migraines, and fever. Lemon oil is perfect as a general essential oil to help with all kinds of everyday conditions.

12) Rosemary

Use rosemary essential oil if your mind feels cloudy and you suffer from a lack of concentration. Rosemary is a powerful stimulant. Use it for enhanced memory and focus, as well as to soothe aching muscles and to improve headaches and migraines. Rosemary is ideal for treating skin problems. This is one of the best essential oils for helping treat digestive issues as well as liver infections, too. Rosemary is a widely used oil and a nice all-round essential oil for better health.

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