12 Foods You Need to Eat for Clear Skin

You can do a lot to keep your skin clear, glowing, and fresh. One excellent way to get the clear skin you want is through your diet. What you put into your body through the foods you eat really shows on your face. It’s a natural way to a glowing complexion, and you can see the difference just by making a few simple changes to your diet. You don’t always need chemicals and anti-blemish cream. Here’s what to eat for clear skin.

Clear Skin

1) Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans)

Don’t know what to do with these pea-sized beans? You can use them for your healthy glowing skin! But don’t make a paste and smear them on, simply eat them in a salad, stew, or a Moroccan-inspired dish. Chickpeas can reduce inflammation on the skin and therefore reduce the incidence of pimples and inflamed spots. Plus, chickpeas are high in fiber and high in protein, making them an essential part of a low-fat diet.

2) Almonds

And you can also eat your way to clear skin with nuts – particularly almonds. These powerful nuts are great for a good complexion. They are full of vitamin E. This nutrient is great for healthy skin as it is an antioxidant. It also helps to prevent skin damage from the sun. You should always wear sun cream to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays, but vitamin E can also help rejuvenate the skin and help you look younger.

3) Mackerel

This oily fish is particularly high in vitamin B12. The vitamin is important for your skin tone. When you are lacking vitamin B12 you can suffer from dark and light spots on your skin. Vitamin B12 helps promote an even skin tone.

4) Salmon or Tuna

And some other fish that help your skin – salmon or tuna. These fish provide many nutrients you need for healthy skin. For example, biotin which is another B vitamin that helps you to build protein. Oily fish helps your skin look clear and healthy.

5) Carrots

You’ve heard that carrots help you see in the dark, but did you know that carrots can also improve your skin tone? It seems that eating carrots increases the amount of carotenoid in your body, which helps your skin look rosier and healthier.

6) Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are small but powerful when it comes to clear skin. They have a lot of vitamin E. As we looked at above, vitamin E can help protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun and the environment. A natural antioxidant like vitamin E from nuts and seeds is a really valuable factor in healthy skin.

7) Pumpkin

Another vegetable that provides high levels of important beta carotene, like carrots, is pumpkin. Through a conversion in the body, you get vitamin A from carotene. Vitamin A is important for healthy skin as it helps your skin cells renew and turn over, making for a smooth and clear complexion.

8) Chia Seeds

Packed within chia seeds are plenty of omega 3 fatty acids. These help to protect and renew the skin and give you lots of moisture. You can get omega 3 oils from fish or from seeds and nuts like chia seeds and walnuts.

9) Eggs

When you eat eggs you get lots of protein, which is ideal for your skin, without much fat. Studies show that diets which are high in fat are bad for the skin, resulting in more wrinkles and a decline in skin tone. Eat your eggs for a healthy dose of skin-friendly protein without the skin-unfriendly fat.


10) Sweet Potatoes

Like carrots and pumpkin, sweet potatoes help your body convert nutrients to vitamin A, which is perfect when you want healthier skin. Your diet that is filled with these vegetables is also filled with water for healthy, smooth skin, and your complexion is also improved.

11) Kiwi

When you eat a kiwi fruit you give your skin a total boost of vitamin C. In fact, eating one fruit gives you more than 100 percent of your recommended daily value. Vitamin C is excellent for glowing skin and you definitely need to get enough in your diet to keep your complexion smooth, your skin taught, and your collagen levels high.

12) Olive Oil

Eating a diet that is rich in healthy fats like olive oil actually makes your skin look younger, did you know? Make sure you choose olive oil over saturated fats every time.

So that’s what you need to eat for clear skin! It’s simple – and there are plenty more healthy foods that also make a difference to your skin, body, and mind.

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