12 of the Best Health Benefits of Apples

You know the saying: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But do you know exactly what the best health benefits of apples are? What makes this simple fruit so beneficial?

Apples are extremely high in important nutrients that can help prevent cancer, combat obesity, and improve brain health. Tasty apples can even help to prevent constipation. The apple is one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world. Apples are readily available in any city or town, and they are actually one of the healthiest foods you can eat.

12 of the Best Health Benefits of Apples

Here’s why apples should be on your shopping list.

Nutritional Health Benefits of Apples

Apples contain high levels of important flavonoids, antioxidants, and fiber. Antioxidants in apples may help to cut the risk of developing serious diseases like cancer, heart disease, and hypertension. In addition, apples are good for the digestion since they contain plenty of fiber. Here are some of the proven health benefits of apples.

1) Apples Help Improve Your Neurological Health

Apples contain quercetin, an antioxidant which can help to reduce cell death. This is important in helping to prevent brain cell death, which contributes to neurological problems like Alzheimer’s disease. Apples can also increase the production of an important neurotransmitter in the brain, which helps to improve memory in Alzheimer’s sufferers.

2) Apples Help Lower Bad Cholesterol Levels

People that eat apples everyday have lower levels of bad cholesterol than those who don’t eat the fruit, according to scientists. Eat apples each day to lower your bad cholesterol by 23 percent, experts say.

3) Eat Apples to Protect against Parkinson’s Disease

Experts say that eating apples, which are high in fiber, is a great way to protect against Parkinson’s. This disease is caused by the breakdown of the nerve cells in the brain. Experts think that antioxidants in apples help to protect against this breakdown.

4) Prevent Gallstones with Apples

Gallstones happen when you have too much cholesterol in your body. You are more likely to get gallstones when you are overweight. Protect against gallstones by keeping to a healthy weight and improving your cholesterol levels – apples can help you do this.

5) Reduce Stroke Risk with Apples

Apples are great for stroke prevention. Scientists say that the people eating the most apples over their lifetime have the lowest risk for stroke. Apples contain many beneficial compounds to improve heart health.

12 of the Best Health Benefits of Apples

6) Apples Help Prevent Constipation

Eat an apple if you cannot go to the bathroom, and the fiber in the apple will help relieve the problem. Fiber is essential for healthy digestion. Apples can help to prevent constipation and even relieve diarrhea, too. Apples can also help to avoid the problem of hemorrhoids. The fiber in apples relieves constipation, which also relieves the pressure on the blood vessels.

7) Apples Help Reduce Diabetes Risk

Did you know that apples can actually help reduce your risk of diabetes? Eat three servings a week of apples, raisins, pears, or blueberries and you have a seven percent lower risk of diabetes.

8) Eat Apples to Beat Cancer

Apples are rich in flavonoids and therefore they help to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. Experts say that apples can help cut the risk of developing pancreatic cancer. They can also help prevent cancers of the liver, and the colon. Research shows that apples also help to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

9) Eat Apples to Prevent Obesity

Eating apples fills you up and you are less likely to overeat on other, less healthy, foods. Apples also contain healthy compounds that help improve the makeup of gut bacteria. This may help to prevent the problem of obesity.

10) Apples Help Your Teeth

Eating an apple stimulates the production of saliva, which helps get rid of bad bacteria that can cause tooth decay and discoloration.

11) Apples Can Help With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Apples are good for relieving the problems of irritable bowel syndrome, which include diarrhea and constipation, since they contain high levels of fiber. Eat an apple a day and stay away from fatty foods.

12) Eating Apples Helps Detoxify the Liver

Give your liver a helping hand by eating an apple. Fruits help to clear out toxins from the liver. Apples are great as detoxifiers, making the liver more effective.

Are There Any Dangers Associated With Apples?

Apples are generally very safe to eat and are not associated with major side effects. Apple seeds do, however, contain cyanide so you shouldn’t eat the seeds. Eating too many could potentially be poisonous. Also, apples are acidic and this acid can cause tooth decay. Eating an apple at mealtimes or with other food is better for your teeth and less damaging. There are many health benefits of apples, so don’t let these precautions put you off.

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