12 of the Best Supplements for Summer

Summer is the time for beach breaks and family BBQs, sunny days in the garden and plenty of activity in the pool. But it’s not the time to take a break from good health – check out these 12 best supplements for summer to keep you looking and feeling your best as the temperature rises.

Summer is the perfect time to get your health back on track. You’ve probably got more energy and you’re in a better mood in the summer, and there are plenty of healthy fruits and fresh vegetables available. Get better health this summer by supplementing a healthy diet with these essential supplements and vitamins.

Summer Supplements and Vitamins

1) Vitamin C & Vitamin E

These two vitamins work together as antioxidants to offer protection against the effects of UV light and they may even help you skip getting sunburned. Vitamin C is great for helping lower your body temperature as well as preventing the problems associated with summer like heat rash and heat stroke. This vitamin also has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin E even acts as a natural antihistamine for counteracting hay fever symptoms and other allergies.

12 of the Best Supplements for Summer

2) Probiotics

An excellent probiotic supplement helps keep your gut healthy and your digestive system on track. This is useful when you are traveling to a different county and you are not used to the food. It is also useful when you are spending a lot of energy outdoors. Choose a probiotic supplement you do not have to keep in the fridge so it is more convenient.

3) Krill Oil

This super-supplement gives you antioxidant protection against the effects of pollution, the sun, and any unhealthy eating you may be doing on your vacation. Krill oil has a good amount of omega 3 fatty acids and it is excellent for summer health protection.

4) Multivitamins

Take a high quality multivitamin supplement if you are traveling as this is the often the time when your healthy diet slips. Plus, you are using a lot of energy and your immune system takes a hit when you are traveling. Choose a supplement with a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals that will help your overall health.

5) Milk Thistle

This is a good supplement for counteracting the negative effects of alcohol at the summer BBQs as well as pollution from the airplane and from vehicles. Milk thistle helps to settle the stomach and eases digestion problems.

6) Adaptogens

Adaptogens are substances that help to balance energy levels throughout the day and help you maintain energy without resorting to lots of caffeine. These compounds balance cortisol and other hormones in the body, help regulate the stress response, and manage adrenal function.

7) Vitamin D

You are probably not going to need vitamin D if you are going on vacation to a very sunny place. But if you do not get adequate sun exposure, which means 10 minutes a day of full sun, it is helpful to take a supplement. Vitamin D is helpful for so many processes in the body and it is not easy to get this essential vitamin from food.

8) Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is another good source of essential vitamins like vitamins D and A. You need plenty of vitamin A to protect against the damaging effects of the sun and to help prevent the earliest signs of aging. It is especially important in the summer months. Vitamin D is useful, as we have seen above, for helping to regulate cell growth, and keeping your immune system healthy.

9) Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant supplement that helps to protect against the damaging effects of the sun’s rays. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and can help to protect the skin from aging. It also helps to protect the eyes.

10) Whey Protein

This supplement is ideal if you are looking to add muscle to your body for the beach. Whey protein helps to support lean muscle mass gain, and it works with exercise to give you a toned, bulkier beach body.12 of the Best Supplements for Summer

11) Chia Seeds

Super chia seeds are a great source of protein and fiber as well as essential fatty acids. Chia seeds help you stay properly hydrated in the summer as they assist your body in retaining water. Add some chia seeds to a smoothie or to your cereal.


12) Coconut Oil

This summer supplement is a truly unique all-rounder. It can be used all over the body for a variety of conditions and uses, including treating bug bites, moisturizing the skin, treating chapped lips, and soothing sunburn. Coconut oil also helps moisturize and tame hair that tends to go frizzy in the heat and humidity. You can even use coconut oil as a shaving lotion – and grill some steaks on the BBQ! It really is one of the best supplements for summer.

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