15 Natural Ways to Treat Sunburn

We all know that sunburn is a bad thing – it’s painful, it looks terrible and it makes you feel really bad, plus it’s never good to burn your skin. But unfortunately sometimes sunburn does happen and when it does, you need natural ways to treat sunburn.

Get cooling relief from the pain of sunburn with these soothing natural remedies for summer. Treat sunburn with plant extracts and simple home remedies that takes the heat from the skin and allows it to heal. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. But if you have overdone it in the sun, try these tactics.15 Natural Ways to Treat Sunburn

1) Bathe Safely

Your first instinct is to cool down after a sun burn and this is a great tactic. But be careful not to irritate your skin with soap and bubbles. Run a cool bath and add some baking soda, which helps to relieve itching and inflammation. Make sure you air-dry, too, so you do not irritate your skin by rubbing it with a towel. If you want to go further with a bath remedy, add some vinegar to the mix. It helps to soothe the pain of burned skin. Oatmeal is also a good addition to cool water as a soak. And lavender and chamomile are lovely if you want to use essential oils to bring soothing relief to your skin.

2) Don’t Forget Your Lips

Use petroleum jelly on sunburned lips to provide relief. You need to keep lips moisturized so you avoid the horrible situation of cracked and flaking skin on this sensitive part of the body.

3) Use an Ice Pack

But don’t just put an ice pack or a packet of frozen vegetables direct onto your skin. Make sure you wrap it in a cloth and hold it over the burned skin. This will help reduce swelling and stop the heat from irritating your skin.

4) Increase Your Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and it can help to decrease levels of inflammation, making sunburn heal more quickly. You can use a moisturizer with vitamin E or take a supplement of this useful vitamin.

5) Hydrate to Stay Healthy After Sunburn

You need to drink lots of water after you have a sunburn so your skin can renew itself and so you can feel energetic and healthy. Water in fruits counts, too. Try eating watermelon and other types of melon, all of which contain high levels of water that hydrate and soothe.

6) Try Cornstarch to Help Soothe Sunburn

Mix cornstarch with a little water so it forms a thick paste. Use this directly on the skin to soothe and relieve inflammation in the skin. Be careful if you have sensitive skin.

7) Try Tea!

Not just to drink – tea is also great for soothing your sunburn. For example, use cooled tea bags on your closed eyelids if you have burned these sensitive parts of your body.

8) Add Milk for Relief

Milk is also a great remedy for sunburn that is cheap and readily available. Soak a cloth in milk, water, and some ice cubes and then use this as a compress over the skin. It is a wonderfully soothing remedy.

9) Yogurt Also Works to Soothe Sunburn

In addition, yogurt works like milk to provide relief from inflammation. Spread some thick yogurt on the affected area and then wash off in a cool bath or shower.

10) Did You Know Lettuce Helps Treat Sunburn?

Lettuce is great as a sunburn treatment when you boil the leaves, strain them, and then dip cotton balls in the liquid to use on the skin. It is a lovely soothing astringent treatment for sunburn.

11) Chilled Cucumbers Help Sunburn

Cucumbers are some of the best cooling foods in the world. It really helps sunburn to chill cucumbers, mash them, and apply the paste to the affected areas of the skin.

15 Natural Ways to Treat Sunburn

12) Add Aloe Vera

Simply break a leaf and use the juice from inside to soothe sunburn. But aloe vera gel is the next best thing if you do not have an aloe plant in the garden. Aloe is a proven sunburn treatment and it also helps with a range of other skin irritation issues.

13) Treat Blisters with Extreme Care

Resist the urge to peel and pick blisters and peeling skin. You risk infection if you do this. You can drain the blister with a sterilized needle but be sure to be gentle and let all the fluid come out.

14) Apply Potatoes for More Relief

Use potatoes to soothe sunburn. Simply boil potatoes, mash them, and let them cool. Then apply the potato mash to the skin to stop pain and inflammation from spreading.

15) Add Witch Hazel to Sunburned Skin

Witch hazel is another one of the many natural ways to treat sunburn and it helps to keep inflammation under control.

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