18 Do’s & Don’ts for a Better Life

As humans, we are all faced with the same questions. How to have a better life? What is it that makes a person happy? What are those things that put you off the track of better living? How to make peace with situations?

There is no correct answer. We find from the vast database of the internet a combination of what worked for some people. Here are 18 do’s and don’ts that will likely contribute to creating a better life.


18 Do’s for a Better Life

1. Learn new skills if the opportunity is there

It is no longer a question of opportunity but that of willingness. Most skills are just one click away, and that too for free. It could be anything, such as learning to defend yourself, learning photography, or repairing things. Every new skill you discover will give you more significant benefits in life.

2. Eat healthily

Instead of eating junk, getting obese, and then finding diet plans, the better option is to eat healthy in the first place. Healthy eating doesn’t put restrictions on eating palatable food. You can enjoy the flavor despite eating a balanced diet. Try these 15 Simple Food Swaps for a Healthy Eating.

3. Manage time

Almost all parents across the globe advise their teenagers to manage their time. If you learn, it is considered the kind of thing you will know how to live a better life. Managing your time means that you should allow the right amount of time to do the right kind of things.

Consider high-priority work first. Moreover, do not forget to take out some family time from your busy schedule.

4. Relieve stress

There are countless ways to do so. You can try deep breathing, exercise, traveling, talking to a loved one, eating a balanced diet, or taking a break. Learn tips to manage stress through this article by WebMD: 10 tips for managing stress.

5. Do exercise

It is probably the only activity that positively affects every cell in your body. People usually imagine the gym and intense workouts when we talk about exercise. You can walk, jog, run, dance, perform yoga, and even play with the skipping rope to benefit from exercise. Whatever form of physical activity you choose, it’ll enhance your mood and improve your focus.

6. Write a journal

Keeping a journal is an easy way to pour your experience, pain, and thoughts on a piece of paper. According to Dr. James Pennebaker, a psychologist, journaling strengthens our immunity and improves mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.

Journaling is related to better mood and good social relationships. It also gives you a chance to reflect on past events.

7. Drink enough water

Water helps in digestion, absorption, circulation, maintenance of body temperature, transport of nutrients, the creation of saliva, lubrication of joints, and the protection of body tissues.

You can well imagine how the functioning of your body can be affected due to an imbalance of body fluids. Water keeps this balance and also helps your body to get rid of waste products.

8. Laugh

Ever heard the saying ‘laughter is the best medicine?’ There’s a reason they say so. It is always fun to share a laugh with friends and family. What you may not know is that it is also beneficial for health.

Laughter relaxes your whole body. It protects your heart and boosts your immunity. There’s also a chance that you may outlive your unsmiling fellows if you have a good sense of humor. So, laugh.

9. Rise early

This advice is coupled with early sleeping hours. Getting up early reduced to low-stress levels. It helps with increased productivity and better grades.

You are less likely to skip your breakfast with an early-to-rise habit. You also get to enjoy the quiet hours of early morning and can focus on complicated tasks.

10. Take the stairs

Using stairs is a good idea if you have to climb up just a few floors. In the peak hours when you have to wait longer for an elevator, this can save you time. The health benefits include muscular strength and better heart health.

11. Drink green tea

Your number one reason to have green tea could be its light and delicious flavor. However, research also gives you specific other reasons to drink more green tea. It helps in the reduction of atherosclerosis and the risk of heart disease.

Green tea helps to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, improve bone density, and even prevent cancer. Convinced?

12. Quit smoking

Hate anyone for saying so, but cardiologists, public health professionals, and researchers have long been screaming the same: quit smoking. You can do your lungs a favor by doing so.

13. Read

Books give you a chance to live a thousand lives before you die. They are there to enable you to visit the magical world, find beauty and humor in the dialogues of different characters, and, most importantly, give you a chance to enhance your understanding of how things work.

Read often. Read whatever you get to read. Try to read different genres.

14. Do floss daily

If you try it, you can only feel the refreshing feeling that floss can give. Your dentist can give you a long lecture on the importance of flossing. However, the exciting thing is that you get convinced of its benefits only after practicing it for a few days. Do floss daily. It will benefit you in ways you can’t think of.

15. Practice the rule 20-20-20

We spend a reasonable amount of time looking at our mobile and laptop screens. The health of our eyes needs to give them some screen-free time. Practice the 20-20-20 rule.

The rule says that you should look at a 20 feet distance for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes of looking at any screen. It will prevent digital eye strain.

16. Be kind

do's and don'ts of life

17. Practice gratitude

Thankful people have repeatedly shown themselves healthier and happier than those with anti-gratitude genes. Robert Emmons is a psychologist who has spent his long career studying gratitude. He concludes his research and observations as follows:

“Few things in life are as integral to our well-being as gratitude.”

18. Save money

To avoid debt in an emergency, you need to start saving today. Future holds unforeseeable expenses. It is good to save money to help you through crises.


18 Don’ts for a Better Life

1. Don’t judge people based on insufficient evidence

This might seem to be a religious sermon, but it’ll be great if we take a lesson from what Leo Tolstoy said.

“It’s not given to people to judge what’s right or wrong. People have eternally been and will be mistaken in nothing more than what they consider right and wrong.”

2. Never blame others for your situation

It is only human to shrug off failure or a miserable condition as someone else’s fault, but it’s not productive. The only way to learn from your mistakes is to own and reflect upon them.

Never blame it on others. Look back, see your mistake, learn from it, and do not repeat it. It will provide you with a positive approach and moral courage to own what’s yours.

3. Do not procrastinate

That pile of yet-to-be-read course material or an ignored laundry basket full of clothes reflects the problem that affects 99.99 percent of individuals. Some have it worse; others know how to overcome it. Procrastination. Do not wait until the 11th hour to complete your task. Please do it now.

4. Don’t worry

If you can change a situation or solve a problem, why worry about it? Move on to the solution. Worrying will only add to the pain if you have no control over the situation. Try to adopt a problem-solving approach in life.

5. Don’t binge on unhealthy food

It is much easier to binge on unhealthy food, but the benefits of eating a healthy diet make everyone consider it. Check out these 12-store cupboard superfoods for energy and well-being and 14 surprising superfoods that will provide immense health benefits.

6. Don’t cry over what happened in the past

A thing from the past often causes pain, sadness, and depression in your present. Making peace with your past is not the easiest, but it’ll affect your health, productivity, and happiness if you don’t.

If you are fighting the blues or have anxiety issues, look at these simple tips that you can apply in everyday life. Check out the 13 Tools to Help You Move through Anxiety & 27 Tips on Fighting Depression, the Unhappiness Monster.

7. Don’t wait

We are all guilty of waiting for weekends, for summers, for the right partner, and for the right time. It’s okay to feel that it is not the right time to do something. However, in the event of a crisis, do not lose hope. Keep your morale high. Move through that stage with strength and positivity.

The weekends, summers and the right guy will turn out at the right time. Meanwhile, enjoy your life.

8. Don’t compare yourself to your peers

You must have heard that never compare your day 1 to someone else’s day 10. Similarly, as we all have different circumstances, it is only foolish to compare yourself to others and feel bad. Do things at your own pace; try your best and find peace with your situation.

9. Don’t take medicines unless you have to

Many people like to take over-the-counter medicines as if they are a kind of candy. Do not rush to take a pill as soon as you feel the slightest pain. Medications come with side effects and should never be taken unless genuinely necessary.

10. Never skip your breakfast

There are three kinds of people. The ones who never skip their breakfast, those who skip it because eating in the morning gives them nausea and headache, and then there are late snoozers who skip the morning meal because they are getting late. Check out these 5 Strong Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast.

11. Don’t hate broccoli

They call broccoli the healthiest food in the world. Packed with vitamin K, vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B1, folate, dietary fiber, pantothenic acid, phosphorus, manganese, choline, and potassium, broccoli indeed doesn’t deserve hate.

12. You don’t have to be perfect

Lacking perfectionism is okay. You can’t do it all perfectly. Learn a new skill, improve the existing ones, make healthy habits, and enjoy your life.

13. Don’t be scared to try new things in life

You’ll have more confidence when you drop that fear of trying new things. Don’t go for meth. There must be a distinction between right and wrong, but don’t be afraid to try new things. It’ll give you experience and make you an interesting person.

14. Don’t say YES to everything

It’s okay if you are among many people who often say NO. Saying yes to everything and trying to do one hundred things at a time will never work. You need to draw a line where things are considered a big NO-NO.

15. Don’t make decisions when you are angry

It is because those decisions are never wise. The best choices are those that you take after careful reflection.

16. Never stop learning

There is no age limit to learning. For example, you can be 60 and still learn a new language. That dancing school is still open for you. It’s never too late to do what you always wanted. Learn without the boundaries of age.

17. Don’t keep toxic relationships

If you are in a relationship that gives more harm than benefit, it’s time to think wisely. Another human is not there to make you feel little or to control you.

If a relationship that is supposed to be based on love, care, and support turns into the kind where one person feels like the ruler over another, it is then termed toxic. You don’t have to be in such a relationship; this doesn’t count toward your family members.

18. Don’t be afraid of failure

Did you know how many times Thomas Edison failed before he invented the light bulb? 10,000 times. Great things come with patience, practice, and resilience.

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