5 Surprising Boot-Camp Exercising Benefits

By Vincent West

5 Surprising Boot-Camp Exercising Benefits

To join the military, you need to be tough. Recruits usually go through debilitating workouts involving push-ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups, pull-ups, and squats to get their bodies into top shape. Boot camp workout exercises take this military training and adopt it into our gyms and homes. It strings together various intense exercises, which take around 30 minutes to one hour each. You only pause for a few seconds between these grueling exercises.

What is boot-camp and what makes it superior?

Fad health lessons and new forms of exercises seem to pop up every day. There’s a new fashionable practice almost every week now. With all these fitness solutions which include group classes, cleanses, DVDs and diets, what makes Boot-camp so unique? You might need to stick around for more information.

The style of every program may vary depending on the trainer, but participants usually spend an hour doing various types of cardiovascular exercises (hiking, running, interval training or obstacle course challenges) and strength elements (using exercise bands, dumbbells or their body weight resistance). They may conclude with stretching exercises which may include aspects of Pilates and yoga.

The primary goal of this training is to build strength and endurance. It works for every muscle group in your body unlike other individual workouts such as weights and cardio. Additionally, you can do the exercises from anywhere, and you don’t need to have any equipment. It’s no wonder that the program has gained popularity in recent years. Many celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Carrie Underwood have also joined the bandwagon.

Five benefits of boot-camp exercising:

1. Discipline

Most people have commitment issues when it comes to going to the gym. Choosing a routine and sticking to it can be challenging whether you keep a gym bag in your car or decide to work out early in the morning or in the evening after work. The atmosphere in a boot camp encourages self-discipline and accountability.

Although the instructors don’t use the same intimidation tactics as in military training camps, they motivate their fitness soldier to go the extra mile. They instill a no-quitting mentality from the onset. This extra push helps especially those who struggle to go through a workout routine on their own.Boot-Camp Exercising Benefits

2. Weight loss

Most people go to the gym to lose weight. The conditions in a boot-camp are specifically designed to promote the burning of calories and weight loss. For example, some of the classes occur indoors where the heat is usually cranked up to increase calorie burning and sweating.

But you will have to exercise discipline in the kitchen too if you expect to see results. Just because you are dripping with sweat after an intense workout doesn’t mean you can eat whatever food you lay your eyes on. Eat a healthy, balanced diet. It is this kind of dedication that made Katie Holmes lose 20 pounds after going through a tough year. She is a regular at Barry’s boot-camp.

3. Boosting morale and confidence

Exercising prompts the release of endorphins, which act as energy boosters. After an intense work out that leaves you drenched in sweat, the release of endorphins will improve your mood and eliminate stress hormones. That will leave you energized, excited and ready to face the day.

The feeling you get after completing a course program could also be a confidence booster. Nothing can offer you more satisfaction than to look back at what you have accomplished. Being in good health and shape will also make you feel good about your body and help you gain back the lost confidence.

4. Social engagement

Self-motivation is not always sufficient. That’s why most of us stop going to the gym and fall of our diet after just one month. Boot-camp workouts give you an opportunity to work in large groups. It encourages competition amongst the participants motivating each other to achieve their daily goals.

It is our nature to compete against other human beings. Although you may not be that athletically inclined, working around other people will make you desire to achieve better. This social aspect not only keeps individuals accountable but also fosters relationships and encourages friendship.

5. Muscle Toning

The routines are borrowed from exercises that are used to whip military soldiers into shape. They are high-intensity exercises that ensure that you push your whole body to the limit. The goal of this interval training is not to work out a group of muscles but all the muscles. The intense resistance routines coupled with weight training exercises will help in growing and toning your muscles.

Is boot-camp for everybody?

The camps mostly appear to interest individuals with a preference for a more intense workout. Since the exercises usually include ballistic, rapid movements, you may have a hard time adapting if you aren’t already in good shape. However, if you have a strong background in strength and aerobic training, you are perfectly suited for this form of exercise. But you should inquire about the program structure and whether there are any pre-conditions to assess before signing up.

If you are 40 years and older, are pregnant, are struggling with certain health conditions or haven’t engaged in any form of exercise in a long time, it is advisable that you check with a doctor before signing up for such as program.

If you have any special needs, make sure you let the instructor know. You should also alert the instructor whenever you’re having any difficulty doing a particular exercise. If you are doing certain moves for the first time, make sure to take it slow in the beginning to ensure you get the movement right. Stop if you feel extremely tired or fatigued. A skilled instructor will understand your needs and adapt the techniques for you.

Final Thoughts

Combining boot-camp exercises and proper nutrition will lead to rapid transformation. Eating a healthy, balanced diet and exercising consistently for a couple of weeks is enough to yield you a well toned lean figure. The training may appear intimidating at first, but perseverance will get you closer to your goals faster than you had ever imagined.

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A fresh Engineering Design graduate with a keen interest in all things practical, healthy and balanced, Vince is the brains behind
WorkBootCritic.com. He’s eager to spread the word on what he has learned and continues to learn through practice and thorough research.

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