7 Natural Remedies for Chronic Pain Relief

Sadly millions of people suffer from chronic pain which affects their everyday life and makes it difficult to work, walk, and enjoy life to the full. You may think that the only solution is prescription medication – but there are actually some excellent natural remedies for chronic pain relief that you can try.

Medical experts increasingly acknowledge the important role natural treatments play in easing chronic pain. Medication may not be the answer, since it can cause serious side effects and addiction. Natural remedies and natural healing methods can bring relief and may allow people to stop taking prescription medication for pain. It is all about balance – finding the right solution for your own pain needs, and working with your body to find a natural way to optimum health.

Here are some of the ways you can ease chronic pain without prescription drugs or over-the-counter medication.

Chronic Pain Relief

1) Fish Oil for Treating Chronic Pain

When you suffer from chronic pain you are undoubtedly dealing with high levels of inflammation. When the inflammatory response in your body gets out of control, it can lead to chronic pain that is difficult to manage. Fish oil has substantial anti-inflammatory properties and when you take it on a regular basis you can feel the relief – some people even find that they can stop taking prescription medication for pain when they take fish oil supplements every day.

2) Acupuncture Helps Treat Chronic Pain

Acupuncture is a practice that has been carried out for thousands of years. It is the process of inserting very small needles into certain points in the body, which relate to the areas of pain you are feeling. Many experts believe that acupuncture can play a big part in effective chronic pain management. One of the best things about acupuncture is that the treatment is side-effect free and you cannot get addicted to this practice. It is a good way to treat chronic pain caused by headaches, back ache, migraine, or arthritis.

3) Treating Pain with Exercise


One of the simplest methods is also one of the most effective for treating chronic pain. It’s exercise – the method of moving your body to get fit and lower pain levels. When you are in good shape you will naturally cope with pain more effectively, and exercise can also help lower pain by releasing powerful feel-good chemicals into the blood stream like endorphins and other hormones. If you are suffering too much from pain and feel that exercise would be too painful, you are encouraged to try a simple, low-impact activity like walking or swimming.

4) Use Meditation to Ease Chronic Pain

Meditation can be as simple as sitting for a few minutes concentrating on your breath, or it could be a guided imagery method – if you do it on a regular basis and you commit to the practice you can see a difference in your levels of pain. Many experts say that meditation can relieve pain. It is also a good way to help your body psychologically so you are in a more positive frame of mind, which can lead to making more positive choices such as exercising more, which will also lead to a reduction in pain.

5) Massage to Treat Chronic Pain

Massage can be very relaxing, but it is also a serious way to help treat serious pain. The process of massage blocks the movement of stress hormones around the body, and increases the levels of those hormones that are responsible for pain reduction, like endorphins and serotonin.

6) Using Heat Therapy for Pain Reduction

The application of heat or cold has always been recommended to treat pain but you do need to understand when to use heat, and when to use cold. You should make sure that you apply cold – usually ice – to an acute injury such as a swelling or a sprain, so that the inflammation reduces and the pain levels subside. And heat is best when you have some chronic pain that persists, and which also includes spasms. This is why heat therapy is a good treatment for back pain. A warm shower or bath followed by a massage with warm oils is a good way to achieve back pain relief.

7) Yoga Can Help Your Chronic Pain

Yoga is often used for fitness purposes, and for relaxation, but it is also an incredibly effective way to treat pain. It is especially good for people who have lower back pain and also migraines can be treated with yoga, too. Yoga is also extremely good for minimizing the depressive and other negative psychological symptoms that come with chronic pain.

Try these natural remedies for chronic pain relief and see how you can feel better, with lower pain levels and a better outlook on life. Natural remedies have an important part to play in pain relief.

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