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15+ ways to beat the stress of daily life

15+ Ways To Beat The Stress of Daily Life

Stress management: Countless activities, such as yoga, exercise, laughing…have helped reduce the stress of daily life…

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health benefits of exercise

9 Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Exercise

Exercise can reduce your risk of major illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes by up to 50%…Here are nine ways exercise benefits you.

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13 Natural Sleep Aids To Get Quality Sleep

13 Natural Sleep Aids To Get Quality Sleep

An adult should get at least seven hours’ sleep every night to have a well-functioning mind and body. Read on to know about some natural sleep aids.

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8 Natural Ways To Balance Your Hormones

Hormones are the chemical messengers that enable your brain to communicate with the entire body. Here are eight natural ways you can balance your hormones.

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6 benefits of mindful eating and 8 ways to practice it

6 Benefits of Mindful Eating & 8 Ways To Practice It

A growing body of research shows the benefits of mindful eating. Mindful individuals have a body weight close to recommended, fewer symptoms of eating disorders, and a greater sense of well-being. Read on to find out about the benefits of mindful eating and tips to practice it.

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Top 7 deadliest diseases in the world P.S. how to prevent them

7 Most Deadly Diseases In The World & How To Prevent Them

You probably think of the fast acting diseases as the most deadliest ones. Surprisingly, many of such diseases don’t run in the top 10 lists. In fact, most of the deadly diseases are those that have slow progression and relatively high prevalence. World Health Organization (WHO) has provided a list of such diseases. Their list […]

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20 Easy Ways To Cut Calories From Your Diet

Does the word ‘calorie’ sound anything important to your health? A sweetened beverage can provide as much as 1200 calories, whereas one cup of pasta has 131 calories. Turns out that it really is an important word. Calories are used to measure the energy value of your food.  This difference in the energy value of […]

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13 Triggers of Heartburn & Effective Home Remedies

The last time you had heartburn was probably yesterday. This problem is so prevalent in every country that almost all of us have experienced it. Most people ignore the feeling and wait for it to go away on its own. However, there’s a better solution. You can significantly reduce the symptoms of heartburn and improve […]

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28 Clean Eating Snacks You Can Eat on the Go

28 Clean Eating Snacks You Can Eat on the Go

Stocking cleating eating food items in the pantry will help you refrain from processed and unhealthy food. Here are 28 clean eating snacks that you can eat on the go. Mentioned along with each snack is also a recipe to help you have more variations and flavor.

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sunshine vitamin aka vitamin D

All You Need Is A Little Sunshine Vitamin, AKA Vitamin D. Check Out Here!

Research suggests that vitamin D plays an important role in the overall health of an individual. By having adequate sun exposure, eating vitamin D rich foods, and taking prescribed supplements, we can optimize vitamin D levels and attain greater health benefits.

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6 common nutritional deficiencies and 18 foods to cure them..

6 Common Nutritional Deficiencies & Various Foods To Cure Them

Do you know that nutritional deficiency is responsible for more than 6 percent of the global morbidity and mortality rates? We have 88 percent of the countries facing a serious burden of nutritional deficiencies. Moreover, around 2 billion people lack micronutrients like vitamin A and iron. Nutrient deficiencies contribute to the global disease and economic […]

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12 healthy habits everyone should adopt ASAP

12 Healthy Habits Everyone Should Adopt ASAP 

We see the effects of unhealthy habits every day; obesity, acne, back pain, depression, insomnia, and even some forms of cancer are linked back to what we repeat every day, i.e., our habits. It is the amount of control over healthy habits that allows people to live longer and healthier lives. Apparently, it’s just one […]

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10 Warning Signs of Iron Deficiency (P.S. 15 Iron Rich Foods)

Are you worried about the pale complexion and shortness of breath while doing minor daily activities such as climbing stairs? A general feeling of tiredness and difficulty in performing daily activities can be linked to iron deficiency. It may come as a surprise, but iron deficiency is the most common nutritional disorder in today’s world. […]

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7 Popular Diets and Their Benefits

7 Popular Diets & Their Benefits 

Doctors, nutritionists, and fitness experts have introduced various diets over the years. Some of these are as old as 90 years. Each diet claims to have specific benefits; some lose weight while others prevent particular diseases. This article aims to bring seven popular diets and their benefits to your knowledge. Let’s jump into the details. 7 […]

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Diabetic diet

Diabetic Diet – Put These 13 Foods On Your Plate – P.S. Avoid These 13 Foods

Diabetes is a condition that causes high blood sugar levels. It is either due to a lack of insulin production or a lack of sensitivity to the insulin that our bodies produce. Either way, the result is high blood glucose levels. These high levels, if not controlled, can lead to complication such as kidney issues, […]

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Water and health benefits

Water, Hydration, and Your Health – A Science-Based Perspective

How many days can a human survive without water? Not many. Water is life, and we all know that. It is one of the first words that a child learns. Years of acquaintance with this word and most individuals still remain oblivious to the health benefits of drinking water. Today, take some time out to […]

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Gut health

Do you suffer from poor gut health? Find out here

Poor gut health can cause obesity, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, liver diseases, chronic heart diseases, depression, and even cancer.

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15 simple food swaps for a healthy eating

15 Simple Food Swaps for a Healthy Eating

Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments. This article conveys some simple food swaps for a healthy eating.

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tips to improve mental health

Improve Your Mental Health With These Psychology Based Suggestions

Amid the 450 million people with mental conditions worldwide, it is only wise to know of the ways that help to improve the mental health of a person.

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benefits of yoga

15 Science-Based Health Benefits of Yoga

Have you been one of those aspiring yogis who love the idea of practicing yoga yet don’t find the energy to do so? Alternatively, maybe you are a newbie or someone who has experienced the benefits of yoga but don’t have a compelling description to describe those benefits to others. This research-based article explains 15 […]

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