HeartBurn: What you need to know

Heartburn is a burning sensation in the chest right behind the breastbone, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth. Lifestyle choices can aggravate heartburn…

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Parasitic Worms: Causes, Symptoms, Diseases, and Treatment

Parasitic infections are more than just some wriggly stuff in your stomach. Having a parasite in your gut comes with a lot of implications…

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7 common childhood diseases every parent should know about

7 Common Childhood Diseases Every Parent Should Know About

With the advent of vaccines and improvement in healthcare, epidemics of acute, highly-infective childhood diseases have become significantly declined in most parts of the world; all thanks to effective vaccines. In spite of that, childhood illnesses may still come in the form of common flu and cold. They also exist in the form of mysterious […]

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Candida: Symptoms, Causes, and Home Remedies

Candida Symptoms, Causes, & Home Remedies

Candida can be due to multiple reasons, including high-sugar diet, alcohol, refined carbs. This article presents the symptoms and causes of candida infection as well as effective home remedies to treat candida.

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Top 7 deadliest diseases in the world P.S. how to prevent them

7 Most Deadly Diseases In The World & How To Prevent Them

You probably think of the fast acting diseases as the most deadliest ones. Surprisingly, many of such diseases don’t run in the top 10 lists. In fact, most of the deadly diseases are those that have slow progression and relatively high prevalence. World Health Organization (WHO) has provided a list of such diseases. Their list […]

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6 common nutritional deficiencies and 18 foods to cure them..

6 Common Nutritional Deficiencies & Various Foods To Cure Them

Do you know that nutritional deficiency is responsible for more than 6 percent of the global morbidity and mortality rates? We have 88 percent of the countries facing a serious burden of nutritional deficiencies. Moreover, around 2 billion people lack micronutrients like vitamin A and iron. Nutrient deficiencies contribute to the global disease and economic […]

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6 Mosquito Borne Diseases Everyone Should Know About 

The most deadly creature on earth is not a saltwater crocodile or a black mamba; it’s the mosquito. According to the World Health Organization, mosquito-borne diseases cause more than 1 million deaths per year. As small as it may seem, every 30 seconds a mosquito kills a child in some part of the world. 

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10 Warning Signs of Iron Deficiency (P.S. 15 Iron Rich Foods)

Are you worried about the pale complexion and shortness of breath while doing minor daily activities such as climbing stairs? A general feeling of tiredness and difficulty in performing daily activities can be linked to iron deficiency. It may come as a surprise, but iron deficiency is the most common nutritional disorder in today’s world. […]

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5 Diseases Outbreak that Kids with Cats Can Develop

An example of a common zoonotic bacterial infection is Cat Scratch Disease. Cat Scratch Disease affects 25,000 people per year and occurs after cats bite or scratch humans.

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