Get Clearer Skin: 13 Supplements for Acne

It’s a sad fact but it’s true – you eat as healthily as you can, you exercise and you drink plenty of water, but you still get breakouts. What can you do? Your body needs a range of different nutrients, and if you are lacking in any area it could result in acne and other skin problems. But thankfully there are supplements for acne – supplements that deliver nutrients you may be lacking, or which you cannot easily get in your daily diet.

Get Clearer Skin: 13 Supplements for Acne

Supplements for acne should not replace a healthy diet, but they could fill a gap and help your skin renew and repair itself, as well as help prevent infections. Many supplements help with hormonal balance or inflammation, which are key causes of acne and skin problems. The most important thing to remember with supplements is that you may need to take a little time to see the results. Your skin needs to shed its layers, and supplements may take a couple of months to act.

Here are some of the best supplements for acne and clear skin.

1) Vitamin B6/B12

B vitamins are ideal for when you suffer from acne caused by hormones. Vitamin B also helps the body with the effects of stress and also other symptoms of PMS. Taking both vitamins together helps because one will assist in the bioavailability of the other.

2) Magnesium

If you are lacking magnesium, you are probably storing up skin problems. A magnesium deficiency results in inflammation in the skin. You should take magnesium with calcium and see the benefits of this supplement for helping lower inflammation and promote clearer, healthier skin.

3) Zinc

Zinc is one of the best-known supplements for dealing with skin problems. It helps to reduce the body’s overproduction of DHT, a chemical that can cause clogged pores and inflammation. Zinc may cause stomach upsets, so it is important to stick to a safe amount that your body can tolerate.

Get Clearer Skin: 13 Supplements for Acne

4) Maca Root

If you regularly suffer from acne at a specific point in your menstrual cycle then maca root can be a useful supplement to take. Maca root helps to balance your hormones and it also helps your system cope better with adrenal fatigue and stress.

5) Omega-3 Fatty Acids

You could improve your complexion and get glowing skin simply by adding one supplement to your routine – omega-3 fatty acids. These are naturally found in oily fish and can be good for acne as it contains carotene.

6) Chlorella

Chlorella is a nutrient that comes from green algae and it is important for helping your body regulate its stress levels and helping balance your hormones.

7) Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil contains omega-6 fatty acids and GLA, which help to fight inflammation, which in turn helps to give you clearer skin. It soothes the skin and improves the barrier between the skin and the outside world.

8) Pycnogenol

Pycnogenol is a form of pine bark extract and it is naturally high in antioxidants. These antioxidants help to protect the collagen in your skin, which increases skin health and promotes better healing. It can also result in fewer acne scars.

9) Alpha Lipoid Acid

Alpha lipoid acid is another great supplement for helping clear the skin by way of the liver. This supplement also helps to draw heavy metals out of the body – if you have too many of these in your body it can show up on your skin.

10) Selenium

Basically, selenium helps prevent acne by protecting against inflammation. A combination of selenium and vitamin E has been shown to improve acne, especially in people with a deficiency in selenium.

11) Milk Thistle

Milk thistle works well for your skin because it helps detoxify your liver – why does this matter? When your liver is working well it gets rid of the toxins that can build up and result in skin breakouts and pimples. Milk thistle also has a compound that is an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. It is a good supplement for overall liver health and to help detoxify the body.

12) Probiotics

Problem skin can be caused by inflammation or a negative imbalance in the digestive system. Your gut bacteria are very important for overall health, and it is critical to maintain a good balance of healthy, good bacteria in the gut. Not only does this create better overall health, it helps your skin by reducing inflammation.

13) Green Tea

Lastly, it is not strictly a supplement for acne but rather a food in itself, but green tea has shown many beneficial effects for clearing skin. You can also get green tea extract as a supplement. Green tea is high in antioxidants, which help to act against inflammation which we know can be harmful to the health and look of your skin. Increase your intake of green tea for better overall skin health.

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