Here’s Why Everyone Should Walk 30 Minutes a Day

Don’t panic if you want to get fit and healthy but you have no time – there is something yHere’s Why Everyone Should Walk 30 Minutes a Dayou can do in just 30 minutes that will really make a difference to your wellbeing. Simply walk 30 minutes a day and benefit from better health. Even walking for less than half an hour makes a big difference.


Walking brings numerous health benefits from improving heart health to lowering your disease risk and helping prevent obesity. Find out more about the health benefits of walking here.

What Happens When You Walk 30 Minutes a Day?

Experts say that walking is an underrated activity that is perfect for all fitness levels. It is free and simple, and it can help you become more active. Walking regularly has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, asthma, stroke, cancer, and diabetes, as well as other chronic diseases.

How to Walk For Health

Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing and shoes before you start walking. Take some water with you and snacks if you are going on a long walk.  Start slowly if you are new to walking and build up the time you spend walking. Get the best from your walk by taking a fast or moderately-intense pace that is faster than strolling. Experts say you should walk 30 minutes a day to benefit from the exercise. You can split this into three 10-minute bursts if you like, as long as you walk at moderate intensity. Aim to walk 10,000 steps every day. This sounds like a lot but it is achievable since you probably already take 4,000 steps a day going about your normal activities.

Here’s Why Everyone Should Walk 30 Minutes a Day

The best way to make it a habit is to add walking into your daily routine. Try to walk to work or part of the journey to work. Walk to the shops instead of taking the car. Use the stairs and walk the children to school. Go for leisure walks with family and friends. You can also join a social walking group to encourage your activity and make new friends.

Find out more about why walking is good for your health:

Health Benefits of Walking

1) Walking is Good for Your Heart

Taking a walk for 30 minutes a day on a regular basis lowers your risk of heart disease and stroke. Walking is excellent cardio activity and it also helps to lower bad cholesterol as well as increase good cholesterol. Plus, walking also helps to lower high blood pressure which helps the heart.

2) Walking Boosts Your Mood

One of the best reasons for walking is to improve your mental outlook. Experts say that a brisk walk every day helps treat mild to moderate depression. Walking is a great way to release the endorphins you need to feel positive.

3) Walking Helps You Lose Weight

Regularly walking is an excellent way to burn calories. And the great thing is you can incorporate walking into your daily routine so you don’t really notice you are shedding the calories.

4) Get More Vitamin D By Walking

Many people are vitamin D deficient and walking helps correct this deficiency. Vitamin D from sunlight is vital for a healthy immune system and bone strength.  Walking is an excellent way to get fresh air and sunshine as well as boost your vitamin D intake.

5) Walking Cuts Dementia Risk

Cut your risk of dementia and preserve your memory by walking. Research shows that when older people walk 30 minutes or more a day their brains shrink less over time and they have better memory.

6) Walking Tones Your Lower Body

Tone up your legs, glutes, and belly by simply walking. Regular walking brings noticeable benefits to the legs and the lower body. It is even better when you have a good posture while walking since this also tones your core.

7) Get More Energy By Walking

Boost your energy reserves by walking every day. Walking is naturally energizing and it is a wonderful way to recharge the body and improve oxygen flow around the body. You have more focus and you get more done when you have more energy.

8) Walking Helps Lower Disease Risk

Lower your risk of diabetes by up to 60 percent by walking regularly. Walking also helps reduce the risk of suffering from colon cancer, breast cancer, and cancer of the womb.

9) Walking Makes You More Creative

Going for a walk is the perfect way to loosen mental blocks and solve challenges. Walking can also boost creativity.

10) Walking Helps the Circulatory System

Regular walking helps blood flow in the legs and it benefits varicose veins. Walking helps people who suffer from restless legs and it can also reduce swelling in the legs.

11) Walking Reduces Risk of Constipation

A regular walk acts as a powerful tool to ward off constipation. Walk 30 minutes a day for a healthy and strong digestive system and better gut health.

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