The Top 5 Foods That Promote Healing

5 Foods That Promote Healing

While the 21st century has shown a great deal of progress regarding medical health treatments, statistics continue to indicate a rapid growth in various chronic physical and psychiatric conditions. This may be due to a plethora of causes ranging from one’s biological chemistry to the social environment.


Wrong Medications

5 foods that promote healingUnfortunately, many of these cases are treated with the same medication and some patients may experience unpleasant side effects. Of course, organic healing remedies are available for those who wish to use non-pharmaceutical therapy, however, not all patients are willing to use this therapy being somewhat skeptical of natural healing.

We will provide information on one of the most important things that can assist with healing – foods. Below are the top 5 foods that promote healing.


The stereotypical concept of broccoli is the ‘green stuff that kids hate to eat’ however, this vegetable has numerous healing properties placing it among the top 5 foods that promote healing. Research by the National Institute of Health has indicated that broccoli contains vitamins and antioxidants making it beneficial in treating inflammation, improving the immune system, and reparation of different body tissues ranging from blood vessels to the upper layer of skin.


While tomatoes are typically considered vegetables and placed among vegetables in stores, they actually fall into the category of fruit as it originates from the ovary in the base of the flower. Regardless of the tomato’s classification, it can be defined as one of the top foods promoting healing. This food has a high antioxidant content and is most beneficial as a treatment to support the immune system.

Fermented Soy

One of the most popular foods among vegetarians and vegans is fermented soy. It is not considered pleasant to eat by non-veggies; however, the soybean is one of the most beneficial foods to promote healing in the body. This particular food item includes a plethora of vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E – all promoting the effective functioning of one’s digestive system. Unfortunately, incorporating soy in a diet can be challenging if one is not a vegetarian or vegan, however, soy can be found as an ingredient in various other food items such as oatmeal and vegetarian mince.

Black Beans

In addition to the soybean, black beans are highly advantageous as a food promoting healing. The primary healing component in black beans is protein making them low in both saturated fats and sodium. As a healing agent, black beans and their protein components are effective to repair and develop new body tissue. While it is possible to introduce the food as a separate bean into meals, this item can also be used as an alternative to meat being implemented as an alternative meat source for vegetarians and vegans.


While the argument of chocolate being bad for a person’s health is substantiated; research has also shown that chocolate has many healing properties, which is good news for those chocolate-lovers. Reports in medical journals have found that dark chocolate, in particular, is highly beneficial for maintenance of blood pressure levels and improvement of the immune system.

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