Top 5 Toothache Tips For Your Kids

As a child, almost everyone likes to take a huge bite of the chocolate bar or slurp a candy in the mouth for as long as possible. The sweet and pleasant taste associated with these sugary treats attracts them the most. It is true that they are innocent and too naive to understand the ill-effects that these candy bars have on their teeth. Kids having temporary, primary or milk teeth are more prone to decay due to the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth because of the internal structure and external morphology of the tooth. Once the decay gets too deep-seated and penetrates to the inner layer of the tooth, known as the pulp, it results in an extreme toothache.

Also, assist the kid during brushing. If done efficiently, it will prevent your kid from getting the bothersome toothache. If you are looking for some tips to do the same, this article harps on the five main points.

Toothache Tips

Teach proper brushing

Children are not very dextrous from a young age and need some guidance in establishing the proper method of brushing. The most approved method for kids is known as the Fones method where they should brush in a circulatory motion, the movement ranging from small to big simultaneously. You should involve all the teeth and massage the gums. Holding the hand of your kid and guiding through it initially becomes very important so that they can emulate the motion on their own later. Parents should also give importance to the habit of brushing twice daily.

Brushing at night is generally avoided, the morning being the general routine, but the food and bacteria accumulated at night cause the most damage as they have a long span to work on the calcified structure of the teeth and break them down. Therefore, proper brushing technique twice a day is of utmost importance.

Another critical aspect of proper brushing is the use of suitable toothbrush and toothpaste. The bristles of the toothbrush should be soft, and the head should be small enough to reach all corners of the mouth. You should use regular fluoridated toothpaste. Another toothpaste which has gained popularity is the charcoal Tooth Paste which has activated charcoal as an ingredient in it, which helps to remove plaque, debris, bacteria and other toxins from the teeth and gives sparkly white and healthy teeth. You can visit the website:

Practice regular flossing

Cleaning in between teeth is something that most people tend to forget, adults and kids alike. Cavities generally start at these areas and lead to a toothache most commonly. Using dental floss to remove accumulated food debris and plaque from between the teeth is known as flossing and is an effective method of avoiding cavities, especially in kids.

Prevent cavities with a healthy diet

The kind of diet that a child has also played an essential role in causing or preventing cavities. Diet too rich in carbohydrates are a cause for concern. Instead, a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and fibers is beneficial for the teeth. Some healthy and tasty snacks can be prepared so that kids not only find it agreeable in taste but also gain the necessary nutrition out of it. Eating something too hot or too cold can cause damage to the pulpal part of your tooth and should be avoided to prevent any a toothache caused by it.

Protect teeth during sports and other vigorous activities

Kids are prone to accidents and other mishaps, especially while playing sports. Therefore, parents can opt to use protective mouthguards on their teeth to protect it from injuries which may sometimes cause damage to the pulp and toothache. In case of any such accident, a cold pack must be applied immediately to the jaw to relieve the kid of the pain and should be taken to a dentist immediately.

Visit your pediatric dentist regularly

A pediatric dentist can guide you about your kid’s dental health in the best possible way. Visiting a pediatric dentist regularly, at an interval of around three months, will cause early detection of any problem and thus the teeth getting into the stage of a toothache can be easily avoided.

Though a toothache in kids is a pretty common problem if you take the right steps, your child will not have to go through the same ordeal and will have a healthy mouth throughout their life.

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