Using Natural Healing Methods

Natural Healing Methods

Despite the growing popularity of organic remedies, the Western world continues to opt for pharmaceutical relief due to its speedy and, in many cases, highly effective results. Natural healing is another method used to treat ailments; however, this type of therapy has raised more suspicion than even organic remedies.
Natural HealingRegardless of the fact this type of treatment has been used for centuries, the methods can be confusing to those who are unaware of its origin or procedure. We will discuss the different techniques currently in use and how they can be used to treat different medical conditions.

Acupressure And Reflexology

Acupressure and reflexology are two forms of natural healing that require the application of pressure to certain points of the body. While acupressure focuses on specific points on the entire body, reflexology is used primarily on the hands and feet.

This type of healing is highly beneficial as each point is related to not only the part of the body it is placed but other parts as well; for example, a stomach ache can be treated by placing pressure on the ‘stomach point’ on the foot. Typically, reflexology and acupressure are used to treat physical ailments; however, they can be beneficial to help with certain mental problems such as anxiety or depression.


Acupuncture differs from acupressure in that this natural healing method involves placing needles in the skin. The needles are typically placed in the body and the ears with the ears being one of the more effective areas for treating weaknesses in the body. One example is treating liver conditions. By placing a tiny needle in the skin of the ear on the ‘liver spot’, it is possible to heal the liver by activating a flow of fresh oxygenated blood to the liver itself.


Aromatherapy is a healing method using the power of scents and smell. The premise behind this particular technique is that the sense of smell has a powerful impact on the functioning of the brain; therefore, the influence of scents on healing. The famous Vicks vapour rub is a strong example of an aromatherapy tool as evidence of how a scent can alter the state of a body. By inhaling the vapour rub, which is a scent of eucalyptus, one can experience relief from nose congestion or removal from phlegm from the chest.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are similar to aromatherapy in that they provide relief through the use of healing scents. Essential oils can also be used as a ‘rub’ and will treat ailments by being absorbed into the patient’s skin; for example, lavender oil is particularly beneficial for stress release when rubbed onto the sides of the foreheads.

Healing Herbs

Herbs can carry numbers healing properties and are simple to use. One of the simplest methods to extracting the healing elements is by drying the herbal leaves and then crushing them before pouring boiling water over them. By drinking the water, either hot or cold, it is possible to treat a plethora of ailments including stomach problems or as a detoxification.

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