What You Need to Eat for More Energy and Better Mood

So you’ve been up half the night and you’ve still got so much to do today – what you really want is a lovely sleep, but that’s impossible. Find out what you can eat for more energy, and discover how these amazing superfoods will help you feel more alert, happier, and able to take on everything the day throws at you.

What You Need to Eat for More Energy and Better Mood

Healthy Foods to Eat for More Energy

Raw Cacao

This is a wonderful addition to your diet when you want more energy and to feel better. It’s chocolate, but it is nothing like the sugary and fatty chocolate bars that are so bad for your health. Raw cacao is the original product that chocolate is made from and it is great for giving energy as well as taste. Cacao is also ideal for providing tryptophan, which helps to boost your mood by helping the body produce serotonin. Add raw cacao powder – a perfect superfood for energy – to your smoothies or you can eat the raw beans although they are rather bitter.

Goji Berries

You will usually find goji berries in dried form and they come from the Americas and Asia. Goji berries are perfect for an energy snack. They deliver one of the most complete sources of protein outside of meat and they contain so many vitamins and minerals that you really are eating a true superfood. Goji berries are antioxidants and they can help to boost your mood and even your libido.

Bee Pollen

You may not think that something as insubstantial as bee pollen would actually help your health at all – but it does, and it is far from insignificant. But be careful with bee pollen at first as it can cause allergies. Have a very small amount at first and then increase it with time. It is perfect for enhancing energy levels.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds may look boring but they are so full of protein and other essential nutrients that you really cannot ignore them when you are looking for an energy-boosting food. Chia also contains fiber, iron, potassium, and manganese. Add chia seeds to cereals, desserts, and smoothies.


Plenty of parts of the coconut are great for energy, including coconut water, coconut oil, and the meat of the coconut. Coconut water is perfect for hydrating and giving energy after a workout. Coconut oil is a healthy fat which while saturated has been proven to bring great benefits to the body including helping regular energy levels.

What You Need to Eat for More Energy and Better Mood

Maca Powder

You’ve probably heard of maca, it’s a root which is native to Peru and it is an excellent supplement to your diet when you want more energy, strength, and stamina. Maca is also excellent for balancing your hormones and enhancing fertility. Maca powder contains high levels of vital minerals and vitamins like potassium, calcium, iron, and vitamins B1, B2, C, and E. You can use maca in smoothies and also sprinkle the powder onto your cereal or your dessert.


Quinoa is a gluten-free grain and when you eat it in a salad for lunch you are providing your body with the energy it needs to get through a busy afternoon. Quinoa has plenty of B vitamins as well as potassium, magnesium, and great levels of iron – not bad for a simple grain.


Oats are the ideal food for breakfast as they are so high in fiber but they contain no harmful additives. Oats are also rich in protein and contain potassium and magnesium. Oats are also good for your heart and deliver a slow release of energy.


Blueberries are ideal for an energy boost in the afternoon when you are feeling sluggish. They are full of vitamins including vitamin A and vitamin C, and they contain fiber to help fill you up. They are also thought to help boost your mood by lowering the production of free radicals that can contribute to depression and anxiety.


Such a simple food, but one which packs a powerful punch when it comes to delivering energy and boosting your mood. They have lots of vitamin B6 as well as helping your produce serotonin, which is a natural mood-booster. Bananas help to pick you up in the afternoon so they are a great snack to keep at your desk when you get that energy slump after lunch.


These healthy nuts are full of fiber and protein, and they also pack a punch in terms of calcium and potassium. All of these nutrients are important for energy and mood. They contain magnesium, which is a good nutrient for helping your body process sugar into valuable energy. Snack on some almonds for an afternoon snack or you can add ground almonds to your breakfast cereal.


Avocados are packed with minerals and vitamins and they also give you healthy omega 3 fatty acids, which improve your heart health as well as help to boost energy – they are a great food to eat for more energy. Add avocados to your lunch and reap the benefits in terms of mood and energy.

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